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      The following documents have been added to the Downloads section of the site:

      Clans Rulebook
      KnightGuild – Clans – v9.2 – 2021-09-26
      Change summary for Clans Rulebook v9-2 at 2021-09-26

      Cities Rulebook
      KnightGuild – Cities – v9.2 – 2021-09-26
      Change summary for Cities Rulebook v9-2 at 2021-09-26

      Seniors Rulebook
      KnightGuild – Seniors – v9.2 – 2021-09-26
      Change summary for Seniors Rulebook v9-2 at 2021-09-26

      Midgard Orders (MS excel) template
      Midgard Orders template v07-03 Prod
      How to Upload an Orders File to the Web Site – at 2021-09-26

      The Chronicles of Melkor – cycle 06.5 – September 2021

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      Agreed. After registering / signing up for FREE membership, I expected to at least be able to access some form of shortened rulebook, but alas, there’s nowt here that my membership level allows access to (other than the Forums). Disappointing.

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      Same here I thought when you say free membership and game that there were some sort of guides and rulebooks to get familiar with the game. Very disappointing.

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      Folks. In the Forum/Knightguild-Midgard variant area, there is a topic:
      Midgard Discord (chat) server.

      Please join this discord chat as 99% of the game is discussed or posted there. Every cycle, the rulebooks (for both city and clan) are updated and posted. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get a bit of a feel for the various factions – secular, religion, chivalric, Imperial (a bit like the Romans of later times) and others. Cheers, Parmenion (#1 Imperial Senior)

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