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      The Cymru and Seekers of Knowledge have a website:

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      Please have a look at our two factions on website pages:
      – Cymru Kingdom
      – Seekers of Knowledge (Religion)
      We have Public pages for everyone, and Members Only section for factional members for more secure game data / information. You can also easily see the seniorship of both factions, and can easily email any of the faction’s seniors.

      NOTE: With the game soon to open and live, factional websites will develop. Jon says he will create a new tab for these to be listed on.

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        are the other Factions equally populated already? Is there a summary of the faction leaders for contact?

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          No, the other Factions are still filling out. DreamWeaver is off to the races. I have not appointed leaders except for Cymru and the Seekers.

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      Nice webpage, noticed some differences, propaganda and also some unverified info.

      One of them was the rulebook has (7) skills per faction, the kalmar faction website has (8) for the faction seeker/Cyrmu. Some of them are also “updated” from the rules.

      Does this leave it open for the other factions to have 8 then? Would be good to know for that 19 points players have.

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      All factions have (8) skills now, we Cymru / Seekers settled on what skills we have for our two factions. A 8th was added to each of the other factions, but the seniors when those other factions get seniors can make their own choices of what skills they truly want.

      What was proposed was:
      Imperial: +GRD – Guarding
      Cymru: swap ENT for STW – Streetwise, add +GRD – Guarding
      Boda: +JOU – Jousting
      Getham: +GRD – Guarding
      Roder: +JOU – jousting
      Sea Wolves / The Brotherhood: +CAR – Cartogrophy or +PCB – Personal Combat
      Banner: +GRD – Guarding
      Gift: +ARH – Architecture
      Ring: +MYS – Mysticism
      Seekers: +ARC – Archeology
      Cult: +STE – Stealth

      These are what was proposed to be added to existing list of skills. As stated the seniors can alter this skill list for their faction once they get set up. The Cymru and Seekers have already gone through this.

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      Also everything listed is “Core“, there is NOTHING non-Rules @Daniel. Everything listed is directly from the Rulebook 100% as is written within the rulebook v3. There is no false information, everything is live and real. Also this is all verified as In-Game information.

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      thanks Penn, I was only basing it on the rules Version 8.33 – 2020-05-15 currently available to everyone in the download section right now. As we discussed on Discord, sounds like those inclusion are in a new one you have (just not out on the Download section). It’s not really surprising I said what I said then 🙂

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        Penn does not have a later version of the rules, but he has made numerous suggestions. We liked the one expanding from 7 to 8 skills, but I did not feel comfortable with setting them in stone. Since I allowed the Seekers / Cymru to set their choice, I felt it only fair that other factions have the same privilege.

        The version of the rules I am coding to matches 8.33, the next one, 8.34 with various changes will not go into effect until it is uploaded. At that time I will add the 8th skill to the descriptions.

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