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      All –
      During the Holidays, I made the decision to completely change / rewrite most of Midgard.
      What this means –
      – I moved the entire system from the cloud to a local server. Backups are still going to the cloud. Reason: several reported on the last turn some of the data went missing. We use SSRS for reports and it runs on SQL Server. The cloud did not give me any access to the SQL server and I was unable to correct the issue. Result: I can now generate all of the reports and none of the data is missing.
      – Moving the data resulted in me having to pull everything out of the other SQL database via Excel (Microsoft did not make this easy) and I then had to import into new data structures, etc. that I created. I took the time to eliminate and clean up a lot of the internal structure. Result: We will see a resurgence of records that had been deleted – the cloud system did soft deletes and the data I moved got everything.
      – I modified all of the reports to work with the new data structures. They are now running.
      – I am in the process of modifying CYCLE, PROCESS and UPDATE_MARKETS (C# programs) to work with the new data structures on the local server.
      – I am reworking how we do PROCESS to now include and EDIT step – this should allow the GMs to step through the turn prior to it going to print and correct any programming issues found. This was missing from the old PROCESS which went straight to Special Action Processing. This is all new code and will need some work; but the end result should be accurate turn processing.

      Dave is still working on the Maps – he is adding new lands, islands, etc. We still have some Cities being recreated in the middle of the ocean.
      Stan will be adding new positions soon. He has been unable to do so since I have been reworking the code.
      Jon Jr. is working on the designs of the new Factions and is helping rework the rule books.

      We are setting up a new domain server and moving the code so it can be shared locally – one drawback to bringing everything in-house.


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      Oh my aquatic elven cities I hope those fellas are friendly

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      The drow ranger city I can see certainly is. And affiliated to the right Kingdom!

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