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      Today, I ran the first Midgard USA process to run in a very long time!
      Some observations –
      1. Numerous bugs – most stemming from data changes and action format issues
      2. About 55% of the actions did not run for one reason or another
      3. The Error Rate (malformed Actions, input issues) was 12%
      4. Some folks are testing our handling of negative numbers (thank you)
      5. Upper / Lower case does not matter
      Major Errors:
      • Action keyword was missing or not recognized (action is blank)
      • Using old Midgard keywords – Follower 1, Follower 2, Follower 3 are not recognized
      • Using old Midgard Armor types – LI, LM, MI, MM, HI, HM – no longer exist
      Some errors were caused by changes in the code / rulebook
      DECLARE format changed

      DECLARE [Primary Faction] [Primary Option] [Secondary Faction] [Secondary Option]

      This will declare your clan to one of the Factions in Midgard. It will also allow you to change your Faction should you so desire. Remember, the higher your rank, the more damage a change in Faction will cause. You can reissue the action to set your Religion without changing your Faction.
      You must declare your primary Faction first. Use the abbreviated name for the faction.
      The Option modifier has different purposes, depending on the faction chosen. Some examples:
      Action Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Description
      DECLARE IMPERIAL Declares just for the Imperial Kingdom.
      DECLARE IMPERIAL GIFT Declares for the Imperial Kingdom, Gift Religion
      DECLARE GUILD MERCER Declares for the Guild Faction, Merchants
      DECLARE CULT RODER GUILD ARMORER Declares for the Cult Religion, but will mask the Clan as Roder, its secondary is Guild Armorer
      DECLARE RODER RING Declares for the Roder Faction, with the religion of the Clan being Ring
      DECLARE GUILD ARMORER SEEKERS Declares for the Guild as an Armorer focus, with the religion of Seekers. Note that they do not have to specify a Mask in this case since the religion is not public knowledge.
      DECLARE GROUP BANDIT BANNER Declares you for a Group, and then you specify the type of group – BANDIT, PIRATE, MERCENARY or BARBARIAN; and then the religion, if any.

      Each day, I will pull a new copy of the data off the web site – so you have time to review / fix your actions. Then I will run process.
      When I get a good run – I will notify everyone and run the turn the next day and push the reports. If you have not gotten your actions in – don’t wait.

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