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      Hello everyone, in my talks with Jon Capps it would appear that much of Zan’s Midgard USA data files for his version of the game was lost. Some things survived or were recovered but much of the Midgard USA data was lost. It appears that a number of us have located former Maps of Midgard and Kalmar so Jon can restore them.

      Next in talks with Jon about restoring positions, if someone has their old positions in some format that can be emailed to Jon he can restore them. Next if you have paper copies, either scan those and then send Jon a copy of those turns. You could if you needed photo copy them and snail mail them into Jon and he could enter them in that way to restore them.

      That being said I proposed for those that are returning and have no access to anything they once played, I proposed the option of letting them start new clans, but to give them a more enhanced positions. Jon liked this idea and stated that we can play up to (6) clans, so here is what I proposed this position could be.

      1,000 Retainers, 100,000 Crowns, 10,000 Influence
      Then give you (13) Skill/Level points to define for your Leader and 3 Followers. I also asked that he give you a greater amount of Weapons, Horses, plus Type A Rations. You would then need to Name and set up your clans units and etc. Also you could choose where you wanted to be placed on a Map region if you had some desired location.

      This above was my proposal to Jon, but others might have different feelings on this so sing out. Remember standard startup clans only have 190 Retainers. Lets talk about this and try to be fair and honest about this, I think the above would give a person a very nice start. What are your thoughts?

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      That sounds like a good figure to start, probably needs to base it off the average size of the clans he restores and make the new ones around 50-70% of the average.

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      Jon was able to recover one clan that I had previously played — it was from the time when I was in the US Navy and played MercVerk, but it wasn’t one of my ‘main’ clans that I was playing towards the end. I was one of the players (like many of us I’m sure) who played 9 clans and probably close to 9 cities in several factions.

      Would this 1,000 Retainer, et al., bonus be given to all (6) clans for returning players or just the initial?

      Also, how will cities be handled? Does he have city data or was that lost too? I ran several cities but there were some that are very near and dear to my heart! I can remember some details but not all.


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      I don’t have a problem giving the bonus to all of the clans that are coming back. However, we may want to decide how we want the game to come up.

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      I have all of the code for Midgard (Delta Games (1992); Midgard-USA (2009) and Midgard-UK (2009). I can run the code today in a Hyper-V machine and produce turns.
      I do not have the data from Midgard-USA or from Midgard-UK; so anything from that time is lost – unless we recreate it from turn sheets or memory.
      The problems with the old game system and the reason I abandoned it so long ago:
      1. Turn input was manual; once we received 100’s of turns, we had to input them all in a two week period. We rarely hit that goal.
      2. Postage costs had gone up and up; reducing the profit margin considerably. Other costs had increased as well; but postage accounted for over 50 percent of our costs.
      3. The computer hardware of the time (and software for that matter) was limited.

      In today’s world –
      1. We can have the players input the turn and capture it via the web.
      2. Postage costs don’t apply, but I can capture the report to a PRN file and then convert it to a PDF for email.
      3. Hardware / software is not an issue.

      So you could be playing Midgard-USA fairly quickly and I could be converting it to a new platform while you play. Nothing would be lost because I can move the data to the new system when we are ready to cut over.

      Your thoughts?

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      I like it and means we will be able to play the game we all enjoyed so very much. Now playing online via the web is a very good idea, and playing every 2 weeks is also a great option for the game. I look forward to getting back into the many plot lines that will happen within the game.

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      Coming back to a game after soooo many years, moves, retirements and so on seems strange to me. I have lost all my files over the years so will be happy with anything that can be dredged up.
      I do think that the proposal starting set up seems very very generous. My enjoyment is in building clans, a running start would be nice. I understand that many returnees will have spent much more time, thought and psychic energy into older clans, so they would be happy with the generous start.
      Will, of course, need to print the rule book as a refresher.

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      I simply would keep the playing field level – if people do want to bring in old positions, ensure new players are of an equivalents level and that other returning players also get a boost to match otherwise it will all be a bit weird for a very long time and that power gap will never close. Also the UK and US games seem to have many differences so the sooner a ruleset and faction set is chosen the better.

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      I have almost all my turns, both for cities and clans, from the Midgard USA game. I also have a lot of data for the Imperial and Khitan senior positions. I also have a wad of CVRs and maps.

      If required, I also have turns from both the UK and Australian games, as well as a lot of information pertaining to the Australian skills system, which is hugely different to the other version.

      Would definitely be a joy to begin playing my original clans again, as well as the cities allocated to them. Cheers.

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      If you have old city printouts, maps, CVR’s, etc. If you could zip them up and send them to me, I have a lot of help getting them reinput into the system. Once they are in, we could “reprint” the turns and send them back to you.
      Note that when I say “reprint”, I mean generate them to a PDF format and email them back. Gad, I am old..

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