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      Question on mechanics of the TEA Teach Skill. It allows character to character teaching correct?

      1) You initiate via a special action that your character will teach to your other character in the clan, then after that it would-be front-page orders training each turn?
      2) Can you move around and teach it to your other characters and not stuck in a city getting it from a faction office/training hall
      3) Can one-character teacher teach multiple characters e.g. Leader has TEA-1 and CMD-1 (Command), can he teach it to my 3 characters at the same time

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      Hi Daniel,

      My 2 cents: I’d hope it would be a front page order to teach a skill, e.g.
      CHARACTER [Name] TEACH [Position #] [Name] [Skill]
      and not require a SA. It’s fundamentally a mechanical action in the game, not a roleplay action.


      a) I’ve assumed teaching is 1:1; and
      b) I’ve assumed a character can teach a character in another position who is in the same sector; and
      c) to prevent the order being used to confirm the presence of a covert character who doesn’t want to be found, there would be a position policy flag added for accepting (true/false) training from other positions.

      Code would need to check that:
      a) Teacher’s [Skill level] > [target’s Skill level]; and
      b) Teacher’s [Skill level + TEA skill level] >= [target’s Skill level + 2.15]; and
      c) Teacher and target are in the same sector at the time of the order; and
      d) If Position # in order <> order set’s Position #, check if target Position #’s policy flag for accepting training from other positions = True.

      kind regards,

      Nigel S.

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        It might already be handled by the existing front page order:
        TRAIN [Character] [Skill] [Trainer]

        Rulebook description of the order may benefit from additional text about valid values for [Trainer], e.g. factional office name or [Character Name] (when being taught by another character in same position.

        Order may benefit from a syntax change to:
        TRAIN [Character] [Skill] [Trainer] [Position #]
        [Position #] would only be used if the teacher was a character in another position.

        If cross-training between positions was allowed, I’d think it better to drive from the teaching character (via CHARACTER TEACH) rather than the student (via TRAIN).

        Nigel S

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