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      I currently have about 20 folks signed up on the web site and I am going to create 2 positions for each of them to start with. One City and one Clan. Don’t panic if they are not your clan / city. Just let me know via email what needs to be changed and we will modify the positions to match. If you know the cities you want to run, let me know via email how they should be set up. I hope to be generating these positions next week.
      I don’t know how long the first process will take – I have to stand up the action input sheet on the web and tie the data feed back to the game system. Should be interesting!

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      Jon… How do I get added to this list. Cheers, Briam

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        Me, too.

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      If you are on the website, you are on the list.
      The Playtest will be started on the old Midgard system (Delta Games version) and allow everyone an opportunity to recover some of what they might have lost.

      Play-testers will get the following benefits:
      1. a free position for however long the game runs once we go live
      2. All positions they start with will be level 10
      3. All positions get jump started – 1,000 Retainers, 100,000 Crowns, and 10,000 Influence. Note that we may alter this once we balance the economics.
      The game as it sits does not limit Clan Positions, City Positions (except you earn these), or EF’s – which are based on Characters (formerly known as Followers). Characters in the old game were also limited, there is no limit in the new version.
      For the test game (pre Knightguild), we are going to grow slowly, starting with 2 positions each, 1 Clan and 1 City. This is to give us a chance to make sure everything is working and we can produce the turns. It also will provide us turns that we can move over to Knightguild and test / compare with the older system. Some things in the rulebook were left to reflect the old system and will be updated as we transition to the new.
      Make sure your email is correct on your profile! This is were the turns will be sent. We want the first turns to go out by March 1. Depending on the amount of work we have to do to update the turns, we may go through a couple of iterations just getting the data synced.

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      Whats the best may to submit any potential setup before that first turns being sent out by march 1?

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      Send it to my email; with anything else. The setup turns will be iterative. I will be bringing up various forms on the web site and we will do this in stages. “Setup” turns are not me just generating a basic clan, but adding the play tester bonus and anything else you want (within reason). The first actual turn will be when you can input your actions on the web.

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        I will be sending you my start-up info soon (names, et al.). Do you pick skills at start-up or later? Or do all skills need to be learned?

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      I found some old files on a hard drive and have sent these to you this afternoon.

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      When will we know the details of any revisions that might be included in the factions? Thinking I will probably wait to make a decision until I see what changes if any are made. I hope that doesn’t create a burden on your end. The startup clan/city locations we start with may not jive with the locations of our choice of faction/positions later.

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      We now have 30 players on the site; and I am going to lock it down at the end of the Month. Our play test will consist of two positions for each player on the board at the end of the month. Each player will have one city and one clan position to start.
      This is to help me get the cities set up and running; having someone keep an eye on the markets, etc. will help me make sure that the economics are working. If you are uncomfortable playing a city position, let me know!
      I will start updating the positions this week with the intent of getting them generated and out the door by the first week in March.
      This cleanup will go for a couple of iterations – when you get your turn, verify that it has been set up correctly and is ready for start. When everyone has given their OK, we will then open up the action input on the web site and let you input your first set of orders.
      Maps are still a problem and I am working on them.
      I don’t expect this to go off without a hitch – so anticipate that we may have to do some work if any thing goes wrong. We are tying the action input screens directly into the code, so when you submit, your turn is ready to process. I will have to physically verify that the actions you submitted were transferred intact.

      Once we are running and couple of cycles down the road, I will go live. This means that you will start paying for extra positions, etc. You don’t have to keep either position you ran in the playtest if you don’t want to when the game goes live.
      I expect that the rulebook will undergo a series of updates. The Factions will be changed slightly to bring them in line with the game code.

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        Any idea how much turns will be, and how often they’ll be processed?


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      Thanks Jon. Question though… Will there be special actions still, and if so, how many per turn per position, and how will they be actioned by you. Thanks.

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      Turn fees will be 4.00 per clan / city / ef turn, 1.00 per special action, and 2.00 per combat for those that initiate the combat.

      Processing – when we get up and running is going to be every 2 weeks; I plan on having 22 cycles a year – where Nov and Dec only have 1 cycle each.

      Special Actions – you get one special action per character (Leader, Followers1-3 for a total of 4). Remember when we switch over to the Knightguild engine, you can have additional Characters of different types, so you may have more than 4.
      Special actions are handled by the GM; and I have 4 GM’s including me. These are role-played, and can really change what happens in the game.

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      For setup of Enhanced Clans, if someone starts a Naval Clan how will you handle that clan getting ships for the naval side of things? So if the enhanced clan has 1,000 retainers, how many of what type of ships will you be starting with that clan?

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      Naval clans were to be split between 3 Brigs (Barques) and a Galleon. This would give them 575 MAX for retainers and 4,400 CGO available. Of course, this was for a startup clan of roughly 200 retainers / characters.

      Since we are allowing enhanced clans of 1,000 retainers, it blows this out the door. Set them up with whatever ships you want (up to 2K MAX). So you could take a max of 6 Frigates (1800 MAX) and 1 Galleon (200 MAX). Just make sure your CGO is up to carrying all of the stuff you want to buy!

      When you decide your ships – WAIT until you have your turn, then correct it and send me the update via email with the CLAN position number. I plan on going through a couple of iterations to get everyone set up right. This is only for NAVAL Clans; so the CROWNS will have to be adjusted; based on purchase price – but you can sell the 3 Brigs and the Galleon; not to mention anything in the stockpile (like horses).

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        Question: will the sale price for the brigs, the galleon, the horses, etc. be full price or half price?

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      For the Enhanced Startup, a player gets (13) skill points. Are the players allowed to start up a Level-3 skill, normally with a standard startup you could only do a Level-2 skill. What is the ruling on this?

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      For the start-up / resurrected / beginning clans – you can sell / buy horses/ships at the cost in the rulebook.

      For Enhanced Startup, I will allow up to a Level-3 skill.

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      Thank you for the allowances. I will make things a bit more interesting.

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