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      Hi folks, I’m excited to be able to announce that a new faction, The Misthophoroi , has been approved.

      I can’t attach the full factional description document here, but will provide the description and goals below.

      The Misthophoroi is a mercenary organisation formed during the decade after the Treaty of Frostmarch signing. It provides brokerage services for a wide range of mercenary services, maintains and enforces professional standards for the contracting and delivery of mercenary services, and provides a range of services to support Misthophoroi members.

      Misthophoroi forces are geared towards sustaining high-tempo military campaigns without relying on support from cities, and spend the majority of their time performing military services in rural and remote areas, waterways and oceans. The Misthophoroi will work with and for any organisation or city, anywhere.

      The Misthophoroi are staunchly apolitical and choose contracts based on their business needs, not ideology or passion. They are customer, supplier, ally and opponent of all organizations at all times. Those who view warfare through a prism of fear, hatred or ambition find this hard to fathom, but it is quite simple. The Misthophoroi fight to achieve military objectives while minimising the damage to communities, and care for those whom they defeat in battle, so in a traumatising activity they are the most humane option to fight beside or against. The Misthophoroi are dependent on other organizations for supplies because they do not “own” cities; they are a service provider, not a resource empire. Creating and maintaining standing military forces is very expensive, so contracting mercenaries on an as-needs basis for urgent or temporary military needs is more cost-efficient for organizations than carrying the cost of idle military capacity.

      The Misthophoroi enter into bulk purchase contracts on behalf of its members to exercise buying power and achieve economies of scale. This acts as a co-dependence mechanism, and the flow of resources back into other organizations is a powerful incentive for maintaining cordial and professional relations.

      Misthophoroi clans can provide leadership for cities if invited to do so, and usually accept such offers.

      When under contract a Misthophoroi force flies the flag of its employer; there are no “false flag” operations. Misthophoroi act as martial representatives of their employer in all ways except treatment of PoWs, non-combatants and commercial infrastructure, which are handled per The Mercenary Code.

      • Remain politically neutral.
      Broker professional mercenary services to all potential employers who can afford them.
      Provide high quality support and advanced training to Misthophoroi members.
      Provide basic military training to other groups.
      Provide programs to assist wayward youths and war orphans.

      Thanks to Jon for helping make this new organization a part of the game, and I know he has some other exciting announcements in the works regarding a couple of other factions.

      kind regards,

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      if you want to ask any questions about or discuss the faction privately, please email us at: .

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      This is the mercenary faction we have been discussing. It is still evolving, but it is close.

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