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      Creating a topic about future enhancements that could move some of the special actions to being a Front Page Order (FPO) on TASKS

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      For tasks request in the rulebook there is already Front Page orders, but for something specific you have to use a special action.

      I propose the following

      FPO Tasks

      Shown in red is the difference from the rulebook provided to what is proposed

      Additional thoughts.

      You may also want request for a specific type of task, this will depend on the influence you may get a response and you may not. The only loss would be in the movement Points and the sound of silence.

      Highly suggested you accept specific tasks quickly as time may be a factor so make sure you don’t overdo the requests. If you don’t accept these requested tasks quickly or cancel / reject it may have consequences. Examples are

      • COMMAND
      • CONVERT
      • MERCHANT
      • HELIO
      • COVERT
      • KIDNAP
      • EXPLORE
      • TRAINING

      You may even specify a name of a SKILL, so the task ties into that. This gives a guide on what you are expecting to do in the game.

      Special actions can then be used to flesh out the task and execution of the task

      ## This may also help in record keeping for the hand moderation aspect of the game to have a sort of categorization for the GM and if one tasks cascades from another.

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      This is another AWESOME idea, and this would cut down on the extra unwanted Tasks that a person is not looking for.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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