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      • Factional Name:
      The Getham Family

      •The primary purpose for the faction to exist?

      Setting up trade between cities and setting up very large and diverse markets that offer a lot of products. The enjoy running and developing cities and greatly increasing the regions around them, including a road system to further increase the value to a city and it’s market. They are a steward to the region and it’s cities and enjoy Public Speaking to sway the population and reading their moods and dealing with their concerns.

      •What distinguishing feature does this faction have?

      They are not combat based, but rather culture and economic base side of live. They are willing to work with anyone as long as they will allow the flow of commerce freely across the lands and seas. They are willing to hire Mercs to defend or fight for them.

      • What specific in-game benefit can this faction have?

      The Getham Trade office increases the overall size of a cities market size per each office level in the city
      The GTO allows up to 1000 units per office to be Imported/exported into the city as needed.
      The GTO adds Uniforms, Winter Uniforms and Pack Animals as items sold on the cities markets. Note that Pack Animals with all their leather caring bags/straps carry twice as much as a horse would.

      •What makes this faction interesting and fun to play?

      The Getham clans makes a perfect City leader clan or a clan interested in the market place play They do not focus on just combat, but rather open up other sides of the Roleplaying side of in game play, with the culture that is Midgard and beyond,

      •What (usually mutual) factional enemies?
      Barbarians, Bandits, Pirates
      Allies : Gift, Ring, Seekers


      MER – Merchant
      ADM – Admin
      ORA – Oratory
      STW – Streetwise
      BRB – Bribery
      REC – Recruitment
      PCB – Personal Combat

      Ok for me I can relate best to a clan by looking at the skill list that the characters might have;

      LDR: MER-1, ADM-1, ORA-1, BRB-1,STW-1,REC-1, PCB-1
      F1: MER-1
      F2: MER-1
      F3: MER-1

      With this skill set this would make this clan a perfect clan to be a city leader of any city. The Leader could pretty much do anything need to oversee a City Leadership role, and his followers could be put in charge of man different matters within the city as well.

      The Getham are the masters of trade and cities. They seek to expand their control into every city and if they can’t control a city, they they seek to master it’s trade networks. They want to establish road ways and sea routes connecting all cities together. They want to build a (30) GTOs in every city and if they can’t convert the cities to declare for them, then they would like to become city leaders of them all. To master the cities markets gives them a extreme amount of power across the lands. Anything that interferes with that they are against. They are not overly combative in nature but they are willing to pay others to do their fighting if they need be. then look fondly upon the Gift, as they can be extremely useful to increase a cities overall nature. The Ring too are also looked upon on a positive. The Seekers would be viewed as calming element to a city and a way to increase trade to the city because of those seeking Knowledge.

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      Getham Recruitment

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        Sounds good. 🙂


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        I very much like that, artwork style is great also and gives a story in itself! Well done Jon

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      Oh… I like the tone of the above. I like it very, very much!

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        Yeah, Jorge, they sound like a great faction….
        for your pirates to raid. :p

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          Pirates? Pirates!?!?! There be no stinkin’ pirates here…
          <sends a ciphered message to the Freebooters’ Guild representative>

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          You dropped your wooden leg and eyepatch over there. I’m sure your parrot will fly back soon. 😉

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          yes they do! -)

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      I hear a great movement of merchants striving to increase personal wealth, perhaps edging to exploitation of the weaker classes. In the pursuit of wealth and the massing of wealth there will eventually come a sense of guilt over stepping on others to succeed. This should eventually give rise to the attempts of redemption of the elites by building schools, museums, hospitals and temples.

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      Do not thank me for this one, I posted on behalf of a player. I think it is an excellent job and will tie in with certain skills. This should be something each Faction should do, a broadsheet if you will.

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      Perhaps the acquisition of goods creates jobs, someone has to create goods, perhaps business benefits the guilds, which benefits the people. Busy markets create wealth for everyone, especially city leaders. If the weaker masses suffer, then perhaps the city leaders should be looked at. Of course, they do mention aiding in the resurgence of culture and being patrons of the arts bringing enlightenment to all citizens. Think building cathedrals, great works of art and essays of enlightenment is cheap?

      Of course, I suppose the factional goals of the militant factions could be better for the weaker masses.

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      Trickle down, sideways, up, any direction for those that work. Not for everybody I suppose. Just another option of many.

      Of course, there’s always the Venezuela faction…..-)

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