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      Could someone explain how the Old US version of a factional declare worked?

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      I do have the v7.65 Alan S Yanko version of the rules but you know what… the following isn’t explained, that just being in a faction gave you access to abilities/bonus outright from the faction? All you needed to do was declare for that faction and you could get that ability/bonus, combat/defense and build the factional office?

      Was there any tie into the level of rank (influence) as you advanced. Like additional abilities only unlock when you hit level 14, 12, 10 etc?

      Did rank have any meaning in the old USA version?

      Forgive me, I’ve been trying to obtain some insight into the old USA game and why multiple factions and the number of positions makes that fun to play. I’m just trying to get in the mind of why its good to have multiple factions and why its the best solution to not limit it. i want to understand why that is the best.

      i guess where it comes to this game, what does it mean if your other clans not in your primary declare is limited to level 15 in this game, would would that mean? i.e. how would it affect the bonus? city ownership? factional offices? regiment assignment? combat/defense bonus (unique to the faction)?

      Did anyone know or care to know how it worked in the Australian version?

      Simply put there was more robustness around this area. It wasn’t you just had a clan declared in the faction and you got access to all the things. Rank meant something.

      It also had alternatives of not being able to obtain abilities exclusive to factions, meaning you could still have clans in your primary but obtain those other fun to have things to near effect, just harder and might make you a target of the primary faction who usually exclusively does it…

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        Since I wrote the code, I may be in a position to answer your question. I do know that each different game company may or may not have used the Senior reports as they were generated in the game.

        Senior reports were automatically distributed to the first 5 positions in each Faction and the #1 could decide who got which report. Each of the Seniors were given time with the game moderator to explain the model’s expectations and provided some insight on the story arc. Within the game, regiments could be assigned to any member of the Faction, and the Senior were supposed to respect the rank of the various clans involved. Failure to do so would get them dinged by the model and possibly removed from office.

        Each of the Seniors had different powers and they were supposed to be separate.

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      I don’t know all the particulars, I’m sure Penn, having played in various versions could describe what that meant in the USA vs others. Of course, you could never reach senior positions I believe and I think when you progressed up the ranks, you received crowns and more retainers befitting your growing influence within the faction as you continued to move up. I also believe and again Penn or perhaps others have more knowledge of this, but you might have had to reach a certain rank within the faction before you could lead factional regiments. Benefits and restrictions could have been modified depending on the versions and player base. There are some old hands here that could easily provide what you’re asking I’m sure.

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        US Midgard
        “”Control of Regiments is another topic of concern/interest at this time. Effective Cycle 49, the following willl be in place with respect to effective control of regiments:

        Rank Max Regiments

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        Daniel read my two posts below, I think going forward there will not be as many regiments in play as there have been in the past. I figure mostly regiments will be a lot smaller like 100-200 men and most will be assigned to a city position. It is sounding like Jon is really against regiments in game play to do the fighting, but instead it will be clans doing almost all of the fighting in this version of the game. With the addition of being allowed to have more clan units, and more than 3 followers you can now have a much more complicated clan design. So if you have a 10,000+ retainer clan, you should be able to fight extremely well. With the proper setup design and level of combat stats, plus followers assigned to selected units…you should be able to do well. So I wouldn’t rely to much on having regiments.

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      In the code base, your odds of success at different things often depended on your rank. A Rank 20 player going against a Rank 10 player, all other things being equal would get hammered. In market transactions, a Rank 20 would pay more than a Rank 10. Special Actions could also be affected by the Rank of a Clan. A GM could override all of this.

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      Thankyou that is good to know and understand. As I said some of these things were not really understood from reading any of the rules from any versions.
      I think that also answers part of my suggestions on in game difficulty mechanism. There are limiting factors and mechanisms in the Midgard code/game being that being, it is chance of success which ties into rank for a Faction. I didn’t know that existed.

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      Well… for some reason my reply to Nazareth got scrambled. I will try again

      * * * * * * * * * * * *
      “Control of Regiments is another topic of concern/interest at this time. Effective Cycle 49, the following will be in place with respect to effective control of regiments:

      Rank Max Regiments
      1-4 16
      5 15
      6 14
      7 13
      8 12
      9 11
      10 10
      11 9
      12 8
      13 7
      14 6
      15 5
      16 4
      17 3
      18 2
      19 1
      20 0

      For every level of CMD skill possessed, you can effectively control 4 additional regiments. Thus a rank 20 clan with a command skill of 1 (CMD-1) can effectively control 4 regiments. If he is assigned more, his effectiveness in combat will be lowered substantially, though he will continue to be in a command position with respect the regiments.

      Ref: Originally published in the Cycle 46 and Cycle 47 copies of the Midgard Report. Reprinted in the Cycle 76 copy of the Midgard report of November 2001.

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      Parmenion, thanks for sharing that info.

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      In talking to Jon, there will not be as many Regiments of the size we have seen in the past. You can forget a 24 Regiment army of 1,500 man size for each one. Honestly out of history a Roman Legion was like 2,000 men strong. I will leave this to Jon to express his own feelings on this topic, he does feel strongly on this issue. The main fighting in this version of the game I have been told is going to be the clans themselves, not the expensive to field factional field regiments. So if your going to fight going forward, it will be your own clan doing it, not these factional regiment wall in front of your clan. The regiments will be more of a support role it sounds like.

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        Roman Marian legions were about 4,500 strong. They were originally designed to work in pairs, which is why people tend to think about 10,000 soldiers. Add the siege train, and you get 12-14k.
        Now, not all of those were Roman citizens. Many, especially the cavalry and archers, were non-Roman auxiliaries.
        This could be modeled in Midgard-2 as 2 HI clans with LI screens, with a supporting MMI clan doing a sweep left or sweep right maneuver. The model as we know it holds.

        And the info about the clans now being the main fighting forces is much appreciated, Penn. It will make things far more… interesting (and there might be a welcome respite to factional finances).

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      Also I should point out that your no longer limited to just have Units 0-9, if you want to 12 units, 16 units, 20 units or what ever number of units you can. This opens up much more creative clan designs and as your clan increases in size it is very much possible. Plus add to that you can have more than (3) Followers, you can add to your clan more Followers and Specialists. You can either assign followers as leaders to Units or assign Specialists to units. Take note you playing a much more deeper game with a lot more possibilities. Once again this is Midgard playing on the Knightguild code, and when Jon says he had to disable things (that means that other abilities) are not yet in play yet. Play the game with a open mind, and look for new features and capabilities that are coming in time. As new things become available, Jon will advise everyone what those enhancements are.

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      thx Parmenion, that is good stuff. If the regiments are debuffed to some extent, then I would hope the capability to recruit/add retainers is likewise improved. Typically, that is a slow process. I think I saw Jon post something about special actions/speeches and the such not being effective in recruitment. Might have misread that, so need a fact check.

      Also, the ability to have many more units in your clan isn’t a big deal if it takes a very long time to fill your units adequately. Players that bring old clans from years ago into the game with all the goodies they left with will have a significant boost I’m thinking in manpower in addition to other advantages like skills. With everything being equal, having more units than your opponent is huge!

      Debuffing the regiments, whether in numbers of or in men per regiment kinda takes away some of the Seniors power/influence to reward and provide aid/succor to his fellow factional members, unless that assistance is being replaced with the ability to award larger numbers of retainers.

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