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      Be sure to get the current copy of the rule book before doing actions for this cycle.

      1. All Construction projects that were marked completed were cleared out of the system and any buildings they were creating were added to the appropriate building count. There were a lot of bad records and your counts might be off – check them.
      2. All Tasks that were completed or cancelled and not accepted were deleted.
      3. All account information should be reset.
      4. Maps were updated.
      5. Operations can now handle all the various items.
      6. Traces were updated.
      7. Construction projects have a new field “Assigned Mancycles”. It was initially set to “Available Mancycles”. It may take a cycle or two for it to catch up, but it should clear up the issues with mancycles going forward.
      8. Mode processing has been updated.

      Please read the rulebook when filling out your actions or take advantage of the Excel template.

      New error messages were added in an effort to clear up some issues.

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