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      Senior Turns are due by August 20th; processing starts August 21.
      Player Turns are due by August 22nd; processing starts August 23.

      This cycle includes a number of changes which could impact processing:
      1) Senior turns are being automated and input is being accepted via an uploaded Excel spreadsheet.
      2) Player turns are being accepted via an uploaded Excel spreadsheet (limited number of players testing this cycle).
      3) I have a new computer – which is still coming up with the occasional hiccup.
      4) Numerous changes to the reports
      A lot of defects and other enhancements were implemented.

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      Cycle 6 stats: (that Galan published on Discord)
      120 Web turns, 35 Excel turns: total 155 turns submitted.
      4008 Actions, 728 Special Actions, 226 Messages.
      Player Senior Actions being run for the first time.

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