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      A new Midgard newsletter is being started called the Chronicles of Melkor, and all players are invited to send in articles.

      Submission guidelines:
      • Maximum length: 2000 characters (including spaces).
      • Strictly in-character (except ‘GM Comments’ section).
      • No obscene words related to sexual acts or reproductive organs.
      • Make it newsworthy. No one wants a sketch of a meal, or a ‘selfie’.
      • The character’s name, position name, position number and Faction must be included. If you’re unwilling to take ownership of your text, then I’m unwilling to distribute it.
      • Submit via email to:

      For players that aren’t on the Discord server for Midgard, there are a lot of regular updates that you’re not seeing. If you want to be more in the loop on what’s happening then you should seriously consider joining that Discord server.

      If you want to see what the Newsletter looks like, but don’t want to join the Discord server, then just email and ask as there’s no easy way for me to attach it here.


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      Bump to get on ‘recents’ list.

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