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      I noticed that annexes, as per the rulebook download, adheres to the system of costing what the current wall height is in the city and addingup how much you need to build the wall from 0.0 to the current wall height (ie… 0.00 to 5.3 wall) to gain a 5,000 population annex increase. I recall in the distant past, it created confusion when peope ran out of fingers and toes to count with..

      Zan introduced a simpler system and a lot of factions had a task reward to build an annex (giving the city only a 1,000 population increase). The cost was a standard:

      Lumber x 5,000
      Mf Goods x 500
      Metals x 1,000
      Stone x 10,000
      Mancycles x 3,000

      Can I request this simper system be looked at please as it made calculations a whole lot easier and I like to thinks it simplified things as well. Thanks.

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      I think I have the construction files to do this with. The code survived from Midgard-USA, but the data did not. I will review it after I am done with this push and see if I can get it into the rulebook. Simple is usually better!

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