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      Hello everyone, in talking to Jon about cities and the buildings within he has perception change in how we view them. Under all the previous versions of the game, if you had a Temple, Factional Office, or even Guilds standard city buildings it was assumed that the # number after them was the amount of that building within the city. Thus if you had a city that has: Banner 3, Gift 3, Ring 3 – that would be 9 Temples (separate buildings). The change that Jon proposed was instead of the number of buildings, make it the Level of the Structure. So Banner 9 would mean a Banner temple that has 9 levels built onto a single Banner structure. So if you had a Banner Level 30, that would be a Banner Cathedral – which is a huge Banner structure and complex.

      This would seem like a simple enough change but wait there is more. We the players need to consider the rest of the change here, and talk about it. Jon wants to know how we feel about this change and should we elect to except the change.

      So the rest of the change is if the city above was taken over by the Cult of the Dark One, and all of the OTGer temples were close: 3 Banner, 3 Gift, 3 Ring. That means the temples would no longer be staffed and most likely the population 100 pop per Temple/Office would leave the city, causing the population to go down that amount. Now that is a normal standard process already in the game, What would be different is the following.

      So normally if we have a closed or abandon building type, you can do a CNS project and simple convert it to another building. Like run 3 construction projects and convert each Banner temple to let say a Cult temple. That works fine when your working with sperate buildings. but what happens if it is a single building with 3 levels? You cant just tear off or convert a single level and make it into another faction’s type. So what ends up happening is you must remove that level 3 Banner temple complex completely. Then you must build new temple, lets say a Cult of the Dark One temple and can then just keep adding onto that Cult temple complex.

      So in most cases you will not convert another factions Office or Temple, but just destroy it and build a fresh new one and add levels to it. Now this also applies to city buildings as well to, like 25 armories. That would be a Armory level 25 complex.

      So that is the crux of the issue, should we have all city buildings and factional Offices and Temples be one complex with levels, or keep the separate multi building structures? Next with city buildings, should they be treated the same. A single building with added levels, or separate individual buildings(one for each building number)?

      What does the collective think? Please voice your thoughts for Jon to determine how the collective would like to handle this issue.

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      Not so much “levels” as in floors of a building, but more the overall size of the complex. Converting a Cathedral to a different religion would be difficult, since the building itself would remind the population of what it once was. Unrest would rise, etc. So a Banner 1 might be a simple 1 room Church, easy to convert, while a Banner 30 would be a Cathedral.

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        I like the idea of buildings being “levels” instead of separate buildings. I always envisioned it this way and never saw it as several small temples or offices. Regarding conversion, I think it is possible. Historically, look at Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, it became a masjid. Look at most of the churches in Rome, they were once temples of Roman Gods. Converting a Banner 9 temple to another religion 9 temple should be fine but it doesn’t make sense if you already have a temple that the 9 Banner temples are being converted to.

        I would say allow conversion of buildings but imagine it as contextual. If you have a city with Banner 9 and you convert the Banner 9 temple into a Cult 9 temple you can imagine it as converting the old temple into a new temple. If, for example, you are converting a Banner 9 temple into Cult and there is already a Cult temple in the city just imagine you are using the building materials to add to the already existing temple. One is a conversion and the other is a taking materials from one and putting into another. End result is the same, and allows the programming to remain.

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      I concur with Oliver in that I always believed 9 Banner temples was only a single temple, but of a certain size. 30 Banner temples in a city, meant it was a Cethedral sized facility. So I have no issue in Jon’s proposal.

      When converting said Banner temple of level 9 to say a Cult one, perhaps the conversion would cost 50% of the cost of building 9 new Cult temples. Your using a lot of the existing structure and building material to convert it to Cult requirements.

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      Good idea; obviously you are not re-building the building, grounds, etc. Most of the costs are in refurbishment and ceremonies.

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      …plus cleaning up the blood stains from those who resisted the change.

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      You know, Cottage14 – every time I read that post I crack up…

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