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      With the combination of the Boda and Roder, the Tuatha were born!

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      Newly updated below

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      Looking forward to reading it.

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      I’m on it

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      The Tuatha have changed for the Tuatha. You won’t see properly until you join.

      We have moved to a separate continent, brilliant tasks, a MASSIVE RPG element to, we are following a path,eyes and faces in the trees, anger, sadness, pleasure, the communicate with the God Tree.

      We ride stags into battle.

      ‘beware not the man in a wolf’s skins, beware the wolf in a man’s skin’

      The Tuatha have many unique selling point and you’re in for a ride.

      We follow ancient ways, but embrace, to a degree modern ways, as you must evolve. The core of us follow internally the Green Man, an ancient thing,which which we have truly grasped,the beauty outstanding.

      Come to us!!

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      Still figuring it out posting wise!

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      Please blow up the pictures

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      what do you think, Permenion?

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      Apologies for taking so long to make comment on this.

      My thoughts on this is that at first glance you have taken the Boda and Roder, both secular factions, and turned them into the Tuatha Danann, a semi-religious faction. To me, this is evident in the rank structure you have used (Knight of the Faith, Knight Sacre Couer, Knight of the Seraphic Host etc etc), and also because the Tuatha Danann meaning is ‘the folk of the goddess Danu’.

      Getting into the factional brief though, you appear to have gone totally feudal with the Tuatha, to the point where one would think that the Roder absorbed the Boda (and not the other way round). Frankly, I see nothing of the Boda within the new Tuatha. Which for me means that on the one hand, I am happy because the Boda were always a danger to the Imperium, but on the other hand, I am somewhat disappointed because I did play a Boda clan in the Australian Midgard version.

      The Boda weren’t perfect by any stretch, but I feel they have been neutered to the point of irrelevance, and their history has been all but demolished.

      By the way, if nothing else, and from a real life perspective, you should change the rank of Knight Justiciar to almost anything else. A quick google search will explain why.

      The above is undoubtedly harsh, as I know you have put a lot of work into merging the two factions and trying to make it more attractive to a wider player base, but I think you should revisit your work and let a bit more Boda shine through. Which probably sounds a bit weird coming from me, because I do enjoy demolishing Boda clans.

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      Here is something I put together using your rank structure, looking at the old Boda rank structure and also looking at the Roder rank structure as found in the Roder thread within these forums (I didn’t bother drawing on the Roder rank structure as per the old Midgard USA rule book, as it deserves it’s own lingering death).

      0. The Black King (GM)

      1. The Black Prince

      2. Strategos (military)

      3. Lord High Chamberlain (finance)

      4. Master Knight Seneschal (information)

      5. Merarch

      6. Duke

      7. Earl

      8. Knight Destriant

      9. Knight Captain

      10. Moirach

      11. Viscount

      12. Lord

      13. Knight Commander

      14. Knight of the Realm

      15. Komes

      16. Knight

      17. Knight Errant

      18. Hedge Knight

      19. Yeoman

      20. Steward

      Points to note:
      1. I left your proposed 0 and 1 titles as is, although if you a trying for a more feudal/chivalrous kingdom, then I think The Black King is a little negative. I reckon you can get away with The Black Prince title though.
      2. Strategos. Military commander of the Tuatha, and probably always filled by someone of Boda lineage.
      2a. I see the Lord High Chamberlain job as predominately belonging to someone of old Roder lineage. It also means that both Boda and Roder families has representation at the very senior levels of the Tuatha Danann. The Seneschal job can be given to the sneakiest bastard in the Kingdom.
      3. Ranks 5, 10 and 15 are from the Byzantine era and because the Tuatha are cavalry orientated, these are Byzantine cavalry ranks.
      4. As you will have seen, I’ve retained a few of your rank proposals and also added in some traditional noble ranks. But consciously moved away from the semi-religious rank overtones. Enough noble titles to satisfy most Roder snobs and enough military style ranks to keep the more regimented Boda happy.

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      I have a list:



      All positions of knighthood


      1 Hedge knight

      2 Knight Errant

      3 Tourney knight

      4 Knight of the court Favour

      5 knight of the Realm

      6 knight Justiciar

      7 Knight of Swan Order

      8 Knight Commander

      9 Knight of the poor man’s coin

      10 knight sacre coeur

      11 knight of the Faith

      12 Knight of Freedom

      13 Knight of the Order of Roses

      14 Knight Destriant

      15 Knight of ninth divines

      16 Knight of the Seraphic Host

      17 master knight of Subterfuge

      18 master militant

      19 master of coin

      20 The Black Prince

      Got to change a bit, numbers wrong way.

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      Do consider Tuatha. It has so much that’s in it, and good rewards to task helpers, a hardship fund in place for real troubles.

      We joust at tourney fields, and melees foot and mounted, we instigated the Almshouse too, so our people are looked after. Tasks will be enjoyable.

      Do contact me happily

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      Thanks for the comments, a few are wrong. Desperately integration not complete. our internal documents say more, so rest assured,Its not devouring one over the other. Definitely not, worked hard on doing this.

      Unless you’re looking at other, the Jusiciar was, in medieval times, the highest single man standing for justice. One man.

      For example have Roder warhorses, and Boda horse archers and cataphracts. The councils are both representatives of the old.

      Look forwards, change, don’t live in the past.

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      an administrator of justice.
      a regent and deputy presiding over the court of a Norman or early Plantagenet king of England.
      either of two supreme judges in medieval Scotland.
      Definitions from Oxford Languages

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      You can email at

      We can phone each or any form of contact

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      You can email at

      We can phone each or any form of contact, and are not boda/roder

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      Our land is one of mystery,enjoy and I’ll now shut up.

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      With confines, Tuatha has changed completely. Just fixing the write up, hopefully good!!

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      We have spare seniors, so we’re looking for them too

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      Since we’ve wandered and found a different home, I’m hoping to interested in putting it across well. It’s a great faction, a little bit out of the way, not bad, we’re interested in the supernatural forms of nature, but with many people supporting the slight tint of magic. We have an ‘interesting’allies, we have our own continent, cities begging for players.
      Imagine a place in this game. The Tuatha spread into a war cult under Cerne, Lord of the Wilful Hunt, and more magic and ,yet armed Druidic path to the Green Man, the godling who holds the God Trees. There are eyes in the woods, and they can turn to anger, which is fatal.

      But, behind the scenes, much of mystery is prevalent, and we revel in it.our warriors ride Battle Stags, and other equipment and items found nowhere else!!

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      Join us, play in a world unknown elsewhere, learn, battle, form your dream. Nothing is impossible!

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