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      We are generating turns and debugging at the moment. When I generated the new turns for folks I realized that I had not altered the starting position code to the post conversion code. That created another raft of changes. Dave is busy rebuilding all of the maps, and I am busy editing turns and updating the data.

      It seems like I am always finding another fix to put in and / or needing to update some of the code. The turns are looking pretty good and the new maps are pretty nice. My apologies for the delay, but it is necessary if we are going to be able to process them.

      We are providing 19 skill points to start; so if you already sent me your 13 points, on the first turn send me the update – use a special action. For those of you who want to resurrect a position or two, send them via email.

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      Clan turn arrived hurray!looks great

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      Yes they look great.

      Stockpile items. Shield, Round for example. Could stockpile have column with the “Code” or the shorthand of it show at the end of the item? Why? in the formation section ARM/Wpn/Wpn are codes. E.g. unit 2 is LA,SS,SH … Its not obvious at first glance that SH might be “Shield, Round” like from the Stockpile. Even more difficult to decipher with more exotic named since there are more market items etc. The Front Page order for UNIT EQUIP also want you to use the code

      Weather, Any plans to add weather/seasons on turn sheets (any impacts in this game) Wet; dry etc? Localisation of season; weather? Effects on Movements Points (MPs)?

      Action Summary, once first turn will it show movement things like
      Begining Mode
      Movement Rate: Foot / Wagon / Horse / Ships
      Adjustments? weather, time between turns etc?
      End Mode

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        Stockpile items and markets should show the abbreviations – I missed it and will get it updated.

        Weather – is still being calculated and set along with GMs. I also modified weather a bit depending if you were on the equator or close to the poles. It just was missed from the reports. It will be corrected.

        Action Summary starts with a description of your mode and all of the various adjustments based on wagons, various animals, weather, etc. It has been one of the more difficult things to code.

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