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      Some thoughts on Factions
      Factions will be split into 4 Types
      • Kingdom
      • Faction
      • Clan
      • Religion

      Kingdoms – very limited
      1. Imperials
      2. Cymru
      3. Manchuria – Inactive

      1. The Boda Family Warrior Clans – horsemen
      2. The Getham Family Merchants
      3. The Roder Family Agriculture / Herding
      4. Guild – [Type] All Tradecraft; with a specialization (33 currently)

      Group – no real structure, but benefits for declaring – say 10 Skill points?
      1. Barbarian
      2. Viking
      3. Mercenary
      4. Pirate
      5. Heretic
      6. Bandit
      7. Independent
      8. Skelt
      9. … Others

      1. The Banner Includes the Orthodox Banner
      2. The Gift
      3. The Ring Includes the Order of the Hand
      4. The Cult of the Dark One Includes both the Serkeanar and the Blood and Fire
      5. The Seekers of Knowledge

      A Player can DECLARE for a Kingdom, Faction, or Group. They can also ADOPT a religion. So, it would be possible to be an IMPERIAL / GIFT. Or a BARBARIAN / CULT. Religions would not be hampered by a Clans affiliation and can excerpt influence against anyone.

      This way the Senior programs would only run for Kingdoms, Factions and Religions.
      Your Thoughts?

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      I very much like being able to declare for a secular leadership and also adopt a religion. Makes much more sense than the old way.

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      I like the concept of what your talking about Galan. Now the Seekers of Knowledge religion was what was originally proposed within Midgard USA. I can send you that design for your review. The Seekers did see life within Midgard UK under Stephen Wier, but they were not a religion within that game. Many of the same ideas were connected to both factions, and I will send my writeup for the religion that Zan and I worked out.

      I also like the concept of Kingdoms with a religion. The Seeker religion was proposed to be on both Midgard and Kalmar, I will send you the details this evening.

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      “I very much like being able to declare for a secular leadership and also adopt a religion. Makes much more sense than the old way.”

      I love this option! Being in a Family and also declare a religion! This way the religions can be working to “convert” secular clans and gain influence.

      I like these new changes and think what you have listed will work well.

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      I think I was a senior for SOA but in uk games so not sure how that fits. Doesn’t really matter I guess as a restart

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      This sounds great to me.

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      I went with this design in the new rulebook. Please read it and get back to me with any suggested changes.

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      Here is the Seekers adding the other details not defined in the rulebook:
      SEEKERS of Knowledge Religion

      The Seekers of Knowledge Religion worships the Old Gods that the people of Midgard and Kalmar still believe in and in many cases still worship. The Pantheon of the Old Gods consisted on (8) Gods/Goddess that were all equal in power within the Pantheon. The ONE True God followed by the Banner, Gift and Ring was one of the Old Gods, and so was MOORLOCK, followed by the Cult of the Dark One, Blood and Fire and Serkeanar. The Seekers venerate all of the Old Gods equally, setting none above the others. Their faith is to all the OLD Gods equally to pursue their quest for Knowledge of all kinds.

      The Seeker Motto:

      Draw upon the Book of Knowledge
      to Illuminate the Darkness
      that the sons of man and
      daughters of woman might see.
      Seeing, Illuminate the Darkness
      for thy brethren and bring the light
      of civilization into the corners
      of the world.

      History says in the great Book of Knowledge:

      Days before the great catastrophe, many skilled in the arcane arts foretold the doom of the island city of Valspar. Then the men of science did indeed see their doom rushing toward them.

      Time and time again, calculations were checked and rechecked, but the answers were all the same, the great city of Valspar, center of culture and learning, was doomed.

      Thus, began the great exodus, many of Valspar sailing away that very day, even though it would be weeks before the huge rock would arrive. But the High Council of Librarians, decided to try and save as much of the great Library as they could.
      They bought what few ships remained. They loaded the ships with the contents from the Great Library and decided to stay there to the last, securing whatever they could to rafts made of remaining available materials once the purchased ships were filled. Then, sealed in waterproof containers were years of secret knowledge.
      Then the skies darkened and with a thunderous BANG! The island of Valspar was no more. A thousand years of culture and knowledge gone in the blink of an eye. The great Library of Valspar was gone and so was the city and any who made the great sacrifice to remain behind to make sure as many books and scrolls as possible were prepared and loaded onto anything seaworthy.

      The people of world were thrown from their feet. Waves taller than the greatest building in the land swept over them. Lives were lost, cities crumpled, and some were completely washed away.

      Now the few descendants from Valspar, sons of the high council members, have taking up where their fathers left off. They have started a gathering of likeminded souls to rebuild and then even surpass what was once lost.

      The Seekers have awakened……..

      0. All Knowing Eye (GM)
      1. Master of the Eye
      2. Law of the Eye
      3. Guardian of the Eye
      4. Instructor of the Eye
      5. Oracle for the Eye
      6. Watcher of the Eye
      7. North Eye of the Tower
      8. South Eye of the Tower
      9. West Eye of the Tower
      10. East Eye of the Tower
      11. Beholder of the Eye
      12. Keeper of the Tower
      13. Beacon of the Tower
      14. Teacher of the Tower
      15. Graduate of Tower
      16. Dedicated of the Tower
      17. Student of the Tower
      18. Initiate of the Tower
      19. Searcher of the Tower
      20. Follower of the Tower

      • Establish a Seeker Cathedrals (Level 30 Temple) in every city of Kalmar
      • Add or build one city per year to the Kalmar continent and surrounding islands
      • Construct one or more Seeker Library in every city in Kalmar and Midgard.
      • Master as many skills as possible.
      • We are neutral to all factions that do not prevent the free flow of knowledge.
      • Rediscover the island city of Valspar, and either rebuild it or salvage anything useful.

      Seeker Religious Tower Bonus:
      • SEEKERS

      o +2% per level of Temple Tower to be able to find any Trainer in any skill, that can teach the skill.
      o +2% per level of Temple Tower to increase the happiness and loyalty of the city to their declared faction and the Seeker faith.
      o +1% per level of Temple to locate exotic items on its market and learn about those items.

      SEEKER of Knowledge Skill set:
      PRE – Preach
      REC – Recruitment
      SCT – Scouting
      STW – Streetwise
      RES – Research
      INV – Investigation
      PCB – Personal Combat

      Standard Seeker Startup clan: (Out of 10 skill points 9 are assigned leaving 1 to choose)
      LDR: PRE-1, REC-1, RES-1, INV-1, PCB-1
      F1: STW-1
      F2: SPY-1
      F3: SCT-1

      Note: My advice would be to assign (TRK-1 Tracking) to your F3. Then have all characters (LDR,F1,F2,F3) in (+1 PCB) first, then decide what to do next.

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      For the Enhanced Seeker Startup clan: (I would advise choosing the following 13 skills)
      LDR: PRE-2, REC-1, RES-1, INV-1, PCB-1
      F1: STW-1, PCB-1
      F2: SPY-1, PCB-1
      F3: SCT-1, TRK-1, PCB-1

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      I started playing Midgard in the late 80’s when it was strictly PBM. I look forward to starting up again, probably Banner as that was what I was in before.

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      I do not plan on limiting factions from spreading in the game. In Kalmar, it would be difficult for any of the Families (Boda, Roder, and Getham) to gain a foothold, but not impossible. Religions / Groups can spread where they will. Imperials would not be welcome and it would be considered an act of war with the Cymru; so I doubt the Imperial Senate would support such a move.

      I would tend to agree with Zan that the Boda, Roder and Getham would be better served by trying to bring back their Kingdom in the North that was defeated by the Imperials. Of course, they would have to find the royal heir to the throne and start working to oust the Imperials to re-establish the Kingdom of Midgard.

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      Then I wouldn’t expect to see secondary positions belonging to the Boda, Roder, and Getham being played on Kalmar? I know you wouldn’t forbid it, but if those factions are better served in Midgard proper, don’t see a reason for anyone to pick up a clan belonging to one of those factions down there.

      However, having said that. Simply being there shouldn’t be cause for drama. As long as no one is actively seeking to overthrow the established order there shouldn’t be an issue. There could be resources/goods in Kalmar (spoken as a true merchant) that do not exist in Midgard and thus a market for them there. BTW, are there items in Midgard that doesn’t exist in Kalmar!? Previous cvr’s show Midgard with pretty standard items, while Kalmar had some stuff not found in Midgard.

      Secular factions should be able to exist without getting into any religious conflicts that may take place in Kalmar. I’d they do, it’s on them. After all, it has been implied that all who come in peace are welcome!

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        You are correct. While it would be highly unlikely that the Kingdom of Cymru would allow one of these factions to run a city in Kalmar and even more unlikely that they would tolerate a city being built in Kalmar that they did not approve, they would not bar trade.

        Yes, there are new items in the game that only exist in certain parts of the world. The data was from the old Delta Games load and then I made the changes to the markets based on the old CVRs (thanks Steve). However, none of the new stuff in Knightguild is on the markets.

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