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      Note on Redesign of the Boda: having starting play within Midgard USA (under Zan E.) and having also being a Boda #2 senior I talked long and often to Zan – GM about the Boda and its rather strange design within the game. According to him the Boda went through redesign and were NOT always Horse Warriors. Before the redesign they were much like the Byzantine Empire and were Foot Soldiers with the ability to Siege and excelled with Siege Weapons.

      Having talked to Zan a lot we had worked out some key redesigns for the Boda that would make them a lot more balanced, there were changes to also Strengthen the Imperials, The Roder, and Getham too.

      The Boda redesign would have made them Foot Soldiers with the following skills:

      CMD – Command
      STR – Strategy
      SGE – Siege
      TAC – Tactics
      SGW – Siege Weapons

      Boda <clan Name> Setup:
      LDR: CMD-2, STR-1 SGE-1
      F1: TAC-1, SGE-1
      F2: TAC-1, SGE-1
      F3: SGW-1, SGE-1
      Note: A standard clan woul have all (10) skill points defined.

      Now the redesign has the Boda focus on MI or MM or HM weapon types as there main focus for forces. They are a warrior force that are willing to fight with the desire to fight and one day reclaim what was once theirs. They will fight for this cause. The Boda should be the Archers of the game and thus have and make HM

      BODA Factional Office: Adds Light Siege Weapons (Ballista) and Medium Siege Weapons (Catapult) to the cities markets, and increases +2% to all weapons on the market per each Boda Office within the city. When the number of Boda Offices reach (30) in number, a Great Armory is set up. With that number of offices, Heavy Siege Weapons (Trebuchet) will appear on sale within the cities market. Heavy Siege Weapons can be disassembled and transported via wagons to other locations of use if need be. Jon has also talked about adding other weapon types into the game as well too, through the Boda Office on markets.

      Now the 2nd Benefit for the Boda would be changed form “2 Cavalry Masters” to “2 Adding Heavy Siege Weapons, and skill and knowledge in building and use”.

      The Boda Family are warriors in their own right and are as skilled as the Imperials, Merc Verk, and SOA factions. There not Mercenaries, but fight for a justified cause and goal. The Imperials fight because they are told to fight, but the Boda fight, because they want to reclaim what was once theirs.

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